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  • Radon Swoop 170
    MTB 2

    Review: Radon Swoop 170

    Usually I write this blog for my own amusement and satisfaction, however I’m always happy to get feedback – and I think the most-common request I’ve had is ...

    On April 2, 2018 / By
  • Transition Smuggler
    MTB 0

    First impressions: Transition Smuggler

    Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’ve been a big fan of 29ers for a while now, and last year I finally went full 29er – ...

    On March 19, 2018 / By
  • Five Ten shoe
    MTB 0

    Review: Five Ten Freerider EPS High

    For years Five Ten shoes have been the benchmark in flat pedal mountain bike footwear, and for almost as many years riders have moaned that there hasn’t been ...

    On February 16, 2018 / By
  • Nukeproof Mega 290 in woods
    MTB 5

    Review: Nukeproof Mega 290

    When Nukeproof launched the Mega 290 late in 2015 I remember thinking they’d really turned a corner with their frame design, but also being a bit surprised they ...

    On January 27, 2018 / By
  • Terrene Chunk tyre
    MTB 0

    Review: Terrene Chunk tyre

    No, I’d never heard of Terrene tyres before either, and my first thought was “why would you name your tyres after a kind of paté?”. But that’s spelled ...

    On January 24, 2018 / By
  • Two riders on the Achnashellach descent
    Riding 0

    My REAL best nine Instagram pics of 2017

    You’ve no doubt seen the “best nine” Instagram collages doing the rounds, produced by a website that rounds up people’s most “liked” snaps of the year. As you ...

    On December 29, 2017 / By
  • Torridon
    Riding 0

    Torridon mini-pop and Ben Damph bonus

    Most riders who’ve ridden at Torridon in the North West Highlands of Scotland will be familiar with the classic lollipop route – a bit of an all-mountain epic ...

    On December 22, 2017 / By
  • SealSkinz Ultra Grip glove
    MTB 0

    Review: SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gloves

    Like a lot of bike-related purchases, winter gloves often tend to be a compromise of some form or other. They trade-off varying degrees of warmth, waterproofness and bulkiness ...

    On December 21, 2017 / By
  • met parachute
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    Review: Met Parachute

    The original Met Parachute from a decade or so ago had some diehard fans, but was a bit of a joke due to it’s “distinctive” (read: dorky) look. ...

    On November 1, 2017 / By