Review: Dakine Highwire gloves

So when exactly did cycling gloves start costing £25 a pair?

I’m used to paying about £10 a pair – sometimes less if heavily discounted – but to be honest I haven’t really been shopping for mountain bike gloves for about four years.

Dakine Highwire glove
A remarkably tough pair of gloves.

And that’s not because I haven’t been riding MTB, but because I had been unable to kill my trusty pair of Dakine Highwire gloves – which cost me about £8 in a sale if memory serves.

Made from a moderately thick material with a satisfying amount of stretch, they have a little velcro closure at the cuff and the other immediately noticeable feature is a thicker ribbed (for pleasure?) section of material across the knuckle area.

I’ve worn them on a couple of Alps trips, where they offer good protection without being super-hot, and they tend to be my glove of choice for dry rides in the mountains here in the UK too.

They’re comfy, sizing is reasonably generous and the soft material provides good “feel” on the handlebar.

Dakine Highwire glove
I can forgive the fingers splitting after such sterling service.

But by far the most impressive thing about them has been their durability.

It’s only now, after four or five years of use, that the stitching has finally given way on two of the fingers (though I’ll still wear them).

Fortunately SportPursuit were knocking them out for about half price the other week, so I now have a new pair as well – but actually £25 would still have been good value.

Dakine glove
The new arrival, here’s to many more happy years together.

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