Review: Superstar Nano Tech / Carbon Cycles pedals

Superstar Nano pedal
Even with a pin missing the Nanos still give excellent grip.

Something of a modern classic, the Superstar Nano pedals (also available from other retailers such as Carbon Cycles) have been my default choice for my MTBs in recent years.

Yes, there are lighter pedals, there are thinner pedals and there are grippier pedals – but there’s nothing out there that offers such a great combination of shape, grip and reliability at such a low price (typically £25 to £40 depending on offers).

They’re apparently based on the Kona Wah Wah flat pedal, and are available in this form or “thru-pin”, where the pins screw in from behind – though I prefer the lower weight and cleaner looks of the standard version.

The platform is just about the right size for my size nine-and-a-half feet, there are plenty of pins to provide grip – even when you lose a few to rocks.

And then when you come to replace them the threads are usually – though not always – still OK .

It just doesn’t make sense to me to spend any more than this on pedals, when they’re the one component pretty much guaranteed to take a beating if you’re riding through rocks.

STOP PRESS: Superstar have now introduced their UK-made Nano X pedals – with a slightly different design – and no longer sell the pedal pictured here. It is however still available from Carbon Cycles for £34 (at time of writing) – or you can pay £90-odd for essentially the same pedal from Nukeproof (called the Neutron), if you’re daft.

Personally I’ll probably give the Nano X a whirl next time I need new pedals.

Superstar Nano pedal
That elegant concave shape makes the pedals really comfy.

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