Review: Royal Turbulence shorts 2015

The original Turbulence were my all-time favourite pair of MTB shorts, with heavy duty materials, a great baggy cut and a really useful waterproof panel on the bum.

So I was disappointed when I took delivery of this bright red pair to discover that they are totally different to my trusty black and grey pair – being a similar cut but much lighter and made from a single softshell ripstop material throughout.

Royal Turbulence shorts
Red shorts are the fastest, yeah?

While I was initially going to send them back, I thought I’d just slip them on to see how they fitted and was so impressed that I decided to keep them anyway.

I’m glad I did because they’ve swiftly become my new favourite pair of riding shorts, perhaps even eclipsing the originals.

What’s so great about them then? Well the cut is just spot-on, they sit perfectly over chunky knee pads and never feel obtrusive or constrictive when riding. I’ve also had no problem with saddle snagging – which is one of the main pitfalls of baggier-style shorts.

That nice thin softshell material is comfy on hot rides and dries quickly when it gets splashed or in drizzly conditions.

Royal Turbulence shorts
Just enough pockets to make you think you’ve lost your keys

They have good-sized pockets, including a couple of zipped ones with decent-quality zips & tabs, and the rear adjustment bits allow the fit to be fine-tuned effectively.

Downsides? It might still be too early to talk about durability but I’ve had a couple of crashes and they have held up well.

I did a quick google to see what the current season colours are, but it seems they may have been discontinued – which is a damn shame because there’s so much that’s right about these shorts for proper mountain biking.

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