Review: Troy Lee Ace gloves

Cycling gloves are a bit of a funny one, in that some of the best I’ve owned were the cheapest, while some that cost £30 or more didn’t cut the mustard. Basically, cost seems to bear little realtion to quality – except when it does.

It’s not that I’m particularly fussy about thickness, fit or how they are secured either, it’s more a case of knowing when a pari fo gloves is “just right”.

Which brings me to the TLD Ace gloves, a pair of garments that Goldilocks herself would choose, if she was into MTB rather than breaking and entering.

TLD Ace gloves
Yes, they were supposed to be orange.

I bought these a couple of years ago in a CRC sale for £16 if memory serves – which is quite pricey by my standards – thinking the orange colour would match some of my riding gear.

Well they turned out to be more of a reddish pink, and have rapidly faded to a mucky salmon pink colour – matching precisely nothing in my MTB wardrobe.

But I don’t really care, because they are hands down (pun intended) the best summer XC gloves I’ve owned.

They’re nice and light, with a tightly meshed material on the back of the hand and backs of the fingers keeping my paws lovely and cool even in Lancashire in the great heatwave of 2018.

The palm material is thin and super-supple, with no padding and just a bit of extra material sewed on the outside of each palm – where gloves often wear though first.

Unlike some summer gloves (cough, 661 Raji), this feathery feel doesn’t translate to premature wear and the appearance of having tangled with a cheese grater.

TLD Ace gloves
The thin palms have held up really well.

One of the “Ace” badges is lifting a bit and the finger print bits (for using a phone screen) are flaking off in a couple of places – but they’re still pretty much intact.

The elastic cuff is totally unobtrusive and luckily they are pretty much exactly the shape of my hands.

Now where can I get a dirty pink shorts and top from then?

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