Review: Endura FS260-Pro Jetstream III jersey

With a name that sounds like a fighter plane, or perhaps a food mixer, Endura’s Jetstream raised my expectations for a technical jersey.

It was a mix of curiosity and an eye for a bargain that led to me picking it up in the Xmas sales for £26 (the RRP is £73) – not having tried one of these hybrid jersey/jacket garments before.

The front of the torso, the front of the sleeves and the rear pockets are made from a virtually waterproof (and slightly plasticky-feeling) softshell fabric, while the rear and the remainder of the sleeves use the roubaix-style fabric typically found on winter jerseys.

Sizing is on the racy side, and at 5ft 8in with an averge-to-slim build I find the large fits very well over a base layer. It’s a well-finished garment and I really like the styling.

Endura Jetstream III jersey
Blurring the boundary between jersey and jacket.

The cut of the Jetstream is great on the bike, with long arms and elasticated cuffs sitting nicely over, under or against gloves (depending on glove choice).

As someone with a long torso, the large is nice and long in the body – without feeling like the rear is hanging down too low. It doesn’t bunch up across the chest either.

But the real revelation for me was when I came to ride in the Jetstream, where I was seriously impressed to discover that it really is the best of both worlds in terms of combining the best features of a jacket and a jersey.

It made its debut in January, a time of year when I’d usually reach for one of several softshell jackets unless it was seriously raining.

The Jetstream feels just like a jacket when it comes to fending off windchill – yet the fabric back means it vents just as effectively as a normal jersey and I’ve never felt as though I’m in danger of overheating. The close fit also means it cuts a neater swathe through the air, which is nice.

I started wearing it in January and it’s now February, so I’ve barely ventured into temperatures above 10 degrees – but it has proved very versatile so far.

Endura Jetstream III jersey
I love having access to the rear pockets without havign to reach under a jacket.

It teamed up well with a turtleneck merino baselayer for a just-above-zero 100km ride, while a short-sleeved synthetic base works well when the mercury gets closer to double figures.

It’s obviously not the best choice for wet rides, but it shrugs off a bit of drizzle with no problems at all. I’m usually working quite hard, so my bodyheat dries the rear out unless it’s actually raining.

On misty rides I have been amazed how much water beads on the front of the garment, allowing me to wipe it off rather than having it soak in.

The softshell material on the rear pockets is also useful in keeping the contents halfway dry.

In a nutshell it’s a fantastic jersey and has changed the way I ride, allowing me to go faster with more comfort in cold weather. In about six weeks of use I’ve probably already worn it more than I have any of my existing winter jerseys.

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